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Liquid & Efficient
Financial Intelligence

Fintelligentia, we strive to enhance market liquidity and efficiency through our role as Market Makers mainly in the 🇦🇷 Argentine financial markets.

Technological essence

Fintelligentia is committed to delivering liquidity to Global markets through our market making activities on Matba Rofex, CME and Crypto Exchanges, as a prop firm.

Market making

Our proprietary algorithms optimize liquidity across major exchanges. By capturing volatility, we generate alpha and contribute to more efficient price in the markets we participate in.

OTC trading

Leveraging our deep liquidity pools, we execute large-scale trades with precision. Our trading desks support a wide range of assets, focusing on maximizing returns through strategic positioning.

Options desk

We employ sophisticated option strategies to capitalize on market dynamics. By designing tailored structures, we aim to generate alpha through hedging, yield enhancement, and payoff optimization.

🇦🇷 ByMA & Matba Rofex: Our proprietary HFT Trading Engine, powered market making strategies, enables us to fully automate and optimize our trading processes. Our robust pre-trade, trade, and post-trade risk management system ensures effective operation in all market conditions, allowing us to maximize returns.

🎯 Advanced Trading Strategies: Our comprehensive suite of proprietary strategies leverages advanced quantitative techniques and algorithmic trading models. By identifying and capitalizing on market inefficiencies, we generate alpha across a diverse range of financial instruments and asset classes.

Through continuous research and development, we refine our trading strategies to adapt to evolving market conditions, maintaining a competitive edge in the dynamic world of quantitative trading.

🌎 Global & Digital Assets: Our trading engine seamlessly integrates with CME and various crypto exchanges through efficient API connectors. This allows us to access over 10,000 assets across multiple trading platforms, capitalizing on opportunities in global and digital markets.

Would you like to be a part of our team? Don't hesitate to reach out and introduce yourself. Together, we can achieve great things.

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Rosario, Argentina